from all over the world.

Connecting open-minded people




Our vision

We believe in the connection of all things and beings, of our inner and outer worlds and want to build a place for people with a spirit of adventure and truly want to find this connection.

Jaringan takes people on a journey for those who seek for being a part of something true where - Mindfulness meets adventure!

Our bungalows are little villas with an amazing valley view. We offer two different bungalow sizes. One for up to for 4 people and one for 2. The bigger one is great to hang out with your friends. The smaller one is ideal for solo travelers or couples.

1 king-size bed & 1 sleeping sofa
1 bathroom with bath & shower
Safe with personal code
Iron with ironboard
Smart TV with Netflix
Working table with chair
Local sustainable cosmetics
Our mission

Is to create more than a resort – a community. Inspired by our own travels, we want to create a sacred place of recreation & connection, for ambitious minds, who want to set their mark on this planet.

First value

As a community of care- takers, we are taking measures in making life here more sustainable. This includes using solar energy, supporting the regional markets to minimize delivery routes as well as rainwater harvest and minimise the use of plastics.

Second value

While we value our background differences, we also believe we are all part of the whole. Everyone is human, everyone is equal, and everyone is one another. Hence, we help and support each other to be the world we want to live in.

Third value

Regardless where you're coming from, regardless your religion - we are here to see every single perception as a fundamental part of our higher consciousness. Therefore, we create our believings every moment - as a timeless completing puzzle. No limitations, just being. This is the Jaringan mindset.

Fabian Peukert

President Director

Fabian started his career as a successful event manager during his studies. Together with his partner Granit Fazliu, he opened a nightclub followed by another in consecutive years. This allowed him to gain experience in gastronomy. Furthermore, Fabian is also a professional in marketing and organisation. He never stops to aim higher! The next mission is to create a place in Kuta Lombok, Indonesia – where like-minded people from all over the world can connect and enjoy a great time together.

Oliver Klingelhoefer


As an ex-KPMG management consultant and former banker, Oliver is an expert in building business. His free-spirited and curious character took him to several countries around the world, working as a self- employed business consultant and allowing him to expand his expertise on an international level. An entrepreneur by heart and with heart! His dream of creating a paradise for open-minds on Lombok started to come to fruition when he met Granit again after several years at a birthday party of a common friend. We call it destiny!

Granit Fazliu

Director of Logistic Management

Granit majored in social studies at the RWTH Aachen and has been organizing various events in the field of entertainment, food & fashion. His specialization in concerts & events allowed him to establish great relationships with international artists and a portfolio of experiences. Together with his partner Fabian Peukert, he opened 2 nightclubs in consecutive years successfully. His charm will win you over.

Niklas Herzogenrath

Operational Director

Niklas has invaluable working experience in logistics and supply chain management. Having worked in the hospitality industry, he also developed essential skills in photo & video editing. As a travel enthusiast he lost his heart in Indonesia and started building his network there with the goal to make Kuta, Lombok his home.Niklas will be responsible for the organization, facility management, and marketing. His ambition will inspire you